piątek, listopada 10, 2006

Zatkajdziura / Hole cover

Przed / Before

Pokrywa / Cover: 1KO-201-980
4 Śruby / 4 Bolts: N-104-827-01

Po / After
Anonymous Anonimowy na to / said:

Very nice! Is the cover an OEM part? And where did you get it? By the way, great site, really enjoy your work on the TDI. Keep up the great work!

3:53 PM  
Blogger Wujek Zdzisek z Ameryki na to / said:

Yes, the cover is OEM. Parts no. are above. I got it from worldimpex (link on the right side). It is still not my cup of tee - I have something else in mind, but that needs to wait.

Anyway, after Thxgvng I am ordering parts for the clutch replace and on Dec. 2, I am going for chip and dyno, hopefully in the following order: dyno-chip-dyno. Stay tuned!

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonimowy na to / said:

I look forward to hearing your results on the chip. I'm a new TDI owner and interested in learning more. Staying tuned in...

OBTW, great tip on adding another rear cargo hook - I just ordered one. Thx!

7:19 AM  

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